Welcome to Advanced Buildings! Here, we fully recognize the ever-growing urgency by residential and commercial properties to adopt eco-friendly solutions for improved resource efficiency, compliance needs, and a greener world.

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About AdvancedBuildings.org

Advancedbuildings.org is an excellent resource gem for green homes and buildings. This site is not the property of any one individual or entity. We operate as a community repository for ideas and innovations for planning, designing, and running properties in a sustainable manner.

Our company aspires to adopt and integrate green building practices to oversee each stage of the building process. From its designing, construction, operation, and maintenance to the decommissioning phase. Our multi-faceted building construction and maintenance practices conserve water, maximize energy efficiency, improve waste management, and protect the environment.

We are firm believers in using sustainable raw construction materials, such as bamboo, engineered wood, corks, rammed earth, or AshCrete over the conventional stone and concrete options.

Our professionals have access to a wide range of specialized tools for speedy and efficient outcomes. We often use non-invasive camera probes, water jetting devices, and resin or liner tubes for quality yet sustainable home system upgrades.

We prefer renewable energy resources like solar, wind, and geothermal to improve your home’s HVAC, plumbing, and electricity systems. Integrating these eco-friendly construction materials and finite energy sources increases the building’s overall beauty, and lowers energy costs. Green solutions also increase the property’s lifespan and market value, and reduces emissions.

Our honest and transparent crew regularly undertakes certification tests to stay updated on the plumbing industry standards. Advancedbuildings.org offers a wide range of eco-plumbing solutions at the most competitive market prices.

Our certified teams work around the clock, even on special holidays, to ensure you stay compliant with your state’s Code for Sustainable Homes and other regulations. Stay tuned for eco-friendly building solutions for healthier and smarter living.

Our Eco Friendly Services

Plumbing Practices

Advanced Buildings is your one-stop shop for eco-friendly plumbing services. Call our eco-friendly plumbers for plumbing fixes and upgrades to help reduce water waste, conserve energy, and save the planet.

Sewage Water Treatment

We will install physical or biological purification systems to improve sewage water quality by up to 50%. Visit us for solar-powered, zero-noise pollution sewage treatment services for homes, apartments, and other commercial residences.

Rain Water Harvesting (RWH)

We provide efficient and cost-effective RWH services. Contact us for professional underground storage tank assemblies to harvest rainwater and make a positive environmental impact.

Tankless Heaters

We will assist your transition to tankless water heaters for a happier and greener tomorrow. Call us for the right tankless water heater for your home or office spaces.

Ultra-low Flow (ULF) Toilets

We are here to offer technical support if you want to go with the ULF toilets. Using single-flush and double-flush EPA-approved ULF toilets help you save energy resources and money.

Bidet Toilets

We specialize in Water sense-approved bidet toilets as well. Bidets eliminate the need for toilet paper.


Low-Flow Showerheads

Switch to the more efficient low-flow aerated showerhead for great savings and a great showering experience.

Automatic faucets

Automatic faucets in bathroom and kitchen taps help to minimize water wastage. Call us for guidance on the latest automatic faucets for homes or offices today.


At Advanced Buildings, we provide many advanced eco-friendly flooring options to our clients. Our roofing solutions reduce the over-reliance on HVAC systems and lower your carbon imprint and energy costs. Our flooring options include:

Cork Flooring

We offer cork flooring services. Cork floors are versatile, rust-resistant, and contain 100% renewable material. Get yourselves this beautiful and stable flooring today!

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo floors are a popular option with many of our environmentally-conscious customers. After all, bamboo is durable, 100% renewable, biodegradable, easy to maintain, and lasts a lifetime.


Linoleum floors are both water and fire-resistant, durable, and very attractive. Get yourself eco-friendly linoleum floors comprising of all-natural ingredients. Popular linoleum floors contain ground limestone, tree resins, linseed oil, pigments, cork dust, and wood flour!

Engineered Hardwood

Save on AC costs with our engineered hardwood floors and protect mother earth. Call us for energy-efficient FSC-certified engineered hardwood flooring at your home or office.

Low VOC flooring

Our experts perfectly understand the value of safe and zero-emission floors. Install stylish Low Volatile Organic Compound floors to protect your loved ones and reduce pollution.

We also install other eco-friendly floors, such as the ULEF (Ultra-low emitting formaldehyde) floor and the NAUF (No added urea formaldehyde) option.

Radiant flooring

Upgrade to radiant flooring to conserve energy and save money. Hire us to install EPA-approved, comfortable, durable, and high-efficiency radiant roofing.


Our homes and offices cannot function without electricity. Electricity is expensive, both in monetary terms and to the environment. Upgrade to green electricity and appliances to lower energy expenses and reduce emissions. Consult us for environmentally friendly installation, repair, and replacement services like:

Solar Panels

Nowadays, solar panels have become readily accessible and affordable. Switching to renewable energy is a smart investment that lasts a lifetime. Install solar power and gain tax rebates for zero emissions.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is renewable and free. If you’re residing in a windy location, we can secure wind power systems to supplement your home’s or office’s energy needs. Go for wind energy for a smaller carbon imprint and lifelong savings.

Solar Electricity Panel

Solar panels are quite cheap and found all over nowadays. We are skilled at installing and servicing high-quality solar-powered electric panels. We have the right tools to diagnose, repair, and install electricity panels at home or office.


Lights consume a lot of energy and leave a high carbon footprint. The good thing is that our experts have what it takes to install green lighting options. Choose eco-friendly lighting for your home and offices for a positive environmental impact.

Light Tubes/Skylights

Solar light tubes and skylights use natural light. They are 100% renewable, have zero costs, and have zero emissions. We install, repair, and replace high-efficiency solar light tubes!

Fluorescent tubes

Make the switch to long-lasting and energy-efficient fluorescent tubes for endless savings. Compact Fluorescent lights (CFL) are up to 10X safer and eco-friendly too.

Light Shelves

Our technicians install, repair, and replace the latest eco-friendly light shelves. Transition to light shelf designs and exploit free natural light. Do so and make savings ranging between 20 to 60%.

Heating/Cooling (HVAC)

Our licensed HVAC technicians are aware of the latest eco-friendly HVAC systems. We provide safe HVAC solutions for greener and healthier indoor and outdoor units. Our HVAC services include but are not limited to the following:

Heat Pumps

We are certified to install popular eco-friendly heat pumps for both indoor and outdoor unit spaces. Reach out to our HVAC staff for installations and repairs of air source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, and dual fuel heat pumps.

Programmable Thermostat

Call us for a professional configuration of the latest programmable thermostats and save up to 10% on energy a year.

Water Loop Heat Pumps

We offers technical support for many eco-friendly water-loop heat pumps. We service geothermal, water source, and air-to-air pumps. Talk to us and find the right water-loop heating pump to cool and heat the vast open spaces within your commercial property.


Air Conditioning

Our HVAC professionals provide many eco-cooling solutions for quality indoor air, lowered costs, and a greener future. Our eco-home improvements services include the installation of EPA-approved solar panels, heat pumps, solar shades, smart AC controllers, and evaporative coolers.

Water Heaters and Boilers

Tap into our expertise to scoop the best eco-friendly water heater and boiler models for homes and businesses. We offer technical support for ENERGY STAR tankless water heaters, high-efficiency storage tanks, and other water heaters and boilers.

Water Damage Restoration

Our sustainable water damage restoration solutions help homeowners to mitigate and resolve water damage disasters. Call us for eco-friendly restoration services like:

Burst Pipes and Frozen Drain Repair

We use all-natural and organic remedies, such as enzymatic drain cleaners to unfreeze pipes. We repair the burst pipes using the eco-friendly CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) trenchless technology.

Sewage Backups

Before our restoration experts resort to strong chemicals, we first exhaust all the eco-friendly ways to resolve the sewage issue. Our sustainable approaches include using an automated auger and natural drain-cleaning concoctions.

Storm Recovery

Our crew installs sustainable systems, like early warning storm detection devices. We also provide vital information to protect you from future water damage.


Our staff uses sustainable approaches to dispose of storm debris and waste. We convert the storm debris into beneficial mulch and recycle the unsalvageable objects.

Fire Restoration

Our fire experts carefully sift through the fire debris to determine the materials to recycle, burn, bury, or restore. We replace any damaged smoke detectors for safer living. Our fire restoration solutions include:

Smoke and Odor Removal

Our experts use sustainable approaches to quickly remove unwanted odors. We rely on natural agents like baking soda, or vinegar. Alternatively, we use High-Efficiency Particulate air or HEPA filters, and steam vacuuming. We inspect the HVAC system to see if any filters or air ducts need replacing for optimal performance.

Carpet Cleaning

Our restorers have the latest green cleaning agents and disinfectants to clean carpets and upholstery.

Mold removal

Mold is harmful to our health and wellness. It can drastically lower your property’s value. Luckily for you, we have eco-friendly mold removal agents, such as Borax solution and dishwashing detergents.

We only use chemical-free, pH-neutral, and biodegradable mold removal agents. That safeguards the health and wellness of the occupants and combats climate change.


We specialize in the installation of beautifully designed and energy-efficient roofs. We often get tasked to erect eco-friendly roofs such as solar roofs, reclaimed clay roofs, metal roofs, and cool and green roofs.

Cool Roof

Cool roofing or light-colored roofs stand out for their beauty, durability, and energy efficiency. Our experts either use dark gravel or metal shingles to deflect sunlight for a cooling effect.

Green Roofs

We can recommend a rooftop garden that best suits your roof’s drainage. Here, our crew plants small bushes, trees, or flowers over waterproof surfaces. That vegetation helps to lower your home’s energy consumption and save you cash.

Metal Roofs

Our skilled artisans are renowned for building beautiful and eco-friendly metal roofs. Metal roofs comprise copper, aluminum, tin, or galvanized steel. These recyclable materials are excellent light reflectors, rust-resistant, and, last up to 100 years.

Solar Roofs

We will turn your dream of having Tesla solar roofs into reality. Call us for free guidance when considering this compact, sleek, and highly efficient Tesla solar roofing.