Eco-Friendly Building Techniques

..for earth friendly & energy efficient construction

Welcome to Advanced Buildings! This site is provided as a community resource for green residential or commercial construction information.

The site is neither owned nor operated by a single entity, but rather by the entire green building community at-large, who will add and update the information throughout the year.

We are strong supporters of Eco-friendly building organizations such as Southface & The Green Building Initiative, which promote green construction as a baseline for future construction endeavors. We highly suggest both if you're planning a new house, or renovating an existing home.

Our goal, with this site, is to provide insights on individual green construction methods which can be utlized on any residential or commercial project. Methods which can drastically improve energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, and preserve the environment.

Stay tuned, as we're continually updating the site with new features and suggestions!

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